If you're serious about learning a skill or a sport, you may find that you need a place to train. Comp K9 has a membership program that allows you to train any time that's convenient to you. As a member, you don't need to own agility equipment or have the space to set up a course. If it's pouring rain or blistering hot, no problem, come train in the climate controlled facility. The training center is a great place to meet other members and support each other as you have fun with your dog.

The Training Center Membership Fees are as follows:
$360 paid in monthly installments of $36 per month, or
$300 if paid in full at time of application

Members of the Training center receive the following:

  • Use of both buildings when classes aren't in session
  • Use of equipment in both buildings for training (except rats*)
  • Members discounts on equipment, training aids, seminars and speakers (when available)
  • First information on all seminars and events scheduled at The Training Center

*You must have an approved rat wrangler present to work with the rats. There is a $30 fee to the wrangler for their time. If you would like to work with the rats, email to Ann@CompK9.net to schedule a time.
Equipment is available for use but must not be removed from the Training Center. You may take equipment from the one building to the other for use but must return it to the storage racks where you got it when you are done.

There are two buildings at the Training Center: the main building which can be divided into two training areas and the annex which is located in the front building. The main building is two rings is used primarily for dog sports like rat hunting, agility, disc dog or treibball. The annex is used for obedience, rally, tricks, clicker, and for seminars and workshops. As a member you have access to both buildings when classes aren't in session.
The uncolored boxes below are times available for member training during the current quarter.

open times spreadsheet

The following dates scheduled for Events at the training center.  One or both of the buildings may be used. We will update this schedule as new seminars or events are schedule. Members may use any building that is not in use even if the other building has a seminar scheduled. Be aware that classes from the Main building may be moved to the Annex when a seminar is scheduled there. When in doubt, call the training center at 530.620.3000 to verify that a space is available for membership use.

Seminar Schedules