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Dog perceive their world through their nose and eyes. Scent Work takes their innate ability to analyze even minute changes in scent and creates ways for dogs of any age, size, or physical ability to use those skills to play odor based games.

Dogs are hard wired to be attracted to new and interesting odors. They love to investigate smells. That leads to lots of important and fun things to do with your dog.

Law enforcement and the military use dogs to sniff out bombs or drugs, and pursue suspects. Dogs are used to locate termites in structures and can detect human diseases like cancer just from smell alone.

You can teach your dog to find missing items like your car keys or phone. Your dog can be taught to find a lost child in the wilderness, to tell you which item you touched last or locate a critter hiding in a box amid the shelves in a garage. To them that's all just a fun day in the park.

Scent classes offer multiple ways to let your dog use their innate abilities. Scent work builds confidence, teaches focus, teamwork and strengthens the dog-human bond. Whether your dog is looking for a specific odor, a critter or your wallet, your dog will have fun and so will you.