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Look around you...there are so many dog sports out there and everyone is playing with their dogs.

Not sure which sport is best for you or your dog? Confused about the physical requirements for you and/or your dog? Not sure where to start? This workshop will help you decide. 

Our workshop will introduce you to the major dog sports of agility, rally, scent games, parkour and more. We'll focus on one to two different sports each week. You'll get a chance to try the various sports and learn about skills needed to compete. You will get a chance to ask all the questions and understand the sports, their rules and titles and all the fun to be had. 

So check it out today. 

Introduction to dog sports

This five week workshop will focus on agility, rally, multiple scent games, parkour plus treibball, tricks and so much more. One hour hands on sessions in multiple sports will give you a taste of the fun so you can decide which is the best choice for you and your dog.

Class fee: $50

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  • 9/2/2023 Saturday 12:30 p.m. Instructor: McQuillen
  • 10/21/2023 Saturday 12:30 p.m. Instructor: McQuillen